Altret Recycler

Altret Recycler is a blend of different bacteria which are capable of composting hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin. The microorganisms were selected through studying their activity on cellulose and lignin and ability to decompose a range of agricultural wastes. It was developed by a process of scientific isolation and selection in a laboratory. The product is formulated as inoculants, which is applied to fresh organic waste or other waste in the field. It can accelerate the composting process to 45 days. Once composted, the organic material helps to increase the level of soil organic matter to maintain soil fertility, while reducing the need to apply chemical fertilizers.

  • It is highly adaptable, and can be used on almost any farm.
  • It is adaptable to composting a varied range of organic waste.
  • It is environmentally safe.

  • Application Method
  • Mix 1 lt of Recycler in 50 ltr of water and apply over 1000 kg of organic waste.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed.
  • Leave the mixture in shady place for 45 days.
  • Turn it upside down once every week.
  • Maintain minimum moisture levels of 25% for speedy composting process.

  • Pack size: 1 lit