Altret Neem TOS

It is neem oil (Azadirachtin), karanja oil and castor oil based product which acts as an insecticide, miticide, nematicide and fungicide. Azadirachtin found in neem oil and Karanjin found in karanja oil act as an anti-feedant, insect growth regulator and as a repellent and ovopositioning deterrent and Miconazole found in castor oil acts as an antifungal agents. It repels harmful insect like white flies, gnats, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, lace bugs leafhoppers, leafminers, mealy bugs, psyllids, thrips, mites and weevils and also controlled various fungal diseases such as black spot, Rust, Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, Canker, Scab. It doesn’t harm beneficial insects. Butterflies, earthworms and bees all help plants pollinate or absorb nutrients. Edible crops of vegetables do not get poisoned. Easily bio degradable, and does not leave any residue. Improve quality & quantity of yield.

  • Plant based, broad spectrum insecticides with different mode of action
  • Prevents insect from sucking or eating Plants parts
  • Safe to handle, environmental friendly
  • Easily bio degradable, and does not leave any residue
  • Improves quality & quantity of yield
  • Ideal Organic product

  • Benefitted crops: Apple, Almond, Walnut and other cold weather trees.
  • Dosage: Dilute 3-4 liter Neem TOS in 200 liter of water and spray
  • Pack size: 5/20/50 ltr

  • Note:
  • Apply as soon as the pest attack is noticed.
  • Application during early pest stage will give better control. Cover foliage totally.
  • Spray during morning or evening hours only.
  • Compatibility with chemical pesticides/fungicides