Nitro Samrudhhi

Nitro Samrudhhi is a liquid nitrogen biofertilizer which fixes atmospheric nitrogen, converts it into ammonia and makes it available to the plants. It also converts insoluble form of nitrogen into soluble form. It can replace 20-25 % of the chemical nitrogen fertilizer required by plants.


Nitro Samrudhhi Azotobacter

Nitro Samrudhhi Acetobacter

Nitro Samrudhhi Azospirillum

Nitro Samrudhhi Rhizobium

Benefitted Crops

Wheat, Cotton, Sunflower, Potato, All kinds of Fruits such as Apple, Banana, Mangoes etc..., Flowers and Vegetables

Sugarcane, Coffee, Sweet potato


All Kinds of Leguminous crops such as Moongbean, Chickpea, Soyabean, Groundnut

Bacteria Azotobacter spp Acetobacter spp Azospirillum spp Rhizobium spp
Dosage 250 ml per Acre 250 ml per Acre 250 ml per Acre 250 ml per Acre
Potency 2×10^10 CFU/ml 2×10^10 CFU/ml 2×10^10 CFU/ml 2×10^10 CFU/ml