Soil Max

Altret Soil Max is an organic Soil Conditioner which can be used to rebuild the soil quality which has been damaged by improper management. It has unique ingredients that help in offering better micro and macro nutrient uptake by plants for longer period of time. All nutrients are made available which are required for the plant growth and high yield production. Soil tends to become compacted over time which is bad for plants and Altret Soil Max helps to regain the smoothness and texture of soil. It is also beneficial to maintain a balanced pH level.

  • Improved soil structure & aeration
  • Increase water holding capacity,
  • Increase availability of water to plants
  • Improved tile drainage effectiveness
  • Release of “locked nutrients”
  • Better root development and
  • Higher crop yields & quality.

  • Benefitted Crops: For all crops
  • Dosage: 100 kg/acre
  • Pack Size: 25 kg