Nutralift Kit for Fruits and Vegetables

Nitro Samrudhhi Azotobacter
Phospho Samrudhhi (PSB)
Potash Samrudhhi (PMB)
Vrudhhi Samrudhhi (Pseudo)
Zink Samrudhhi (Zn)
Bacterial Food

Application Pattern of NutraLift Kits
  • Mix with organic fertilizer and broadcast in field (or)
  • Dissolve 250 gm Bacterial food powder in 200 liter of water and mix it properly, add 250 ml Nitro Samrudhhi Azotobacter + 250ml Phospho Samrudhhi PSB + 250ml Potash Samrudhhi PMB + 250 ml Vrudhhi Samrudhhi Pseudo + 250ml Zink Samrudhhi (Zn) in above prepared mixture use for 1 acre. Apply by drenching or drip irrigation.